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Hole 16

Par 5



This is a par 5 that demands accuracy for the second shot in particular.

A tee shot directed at the poplar trees located through the centre of the fairway will put you in good stead. From here it gets a little tricky. The hole turns to the left from here.


If you’re laying up, you will need to hit down to about 90-100m from the centre of the green. You will need to avoid the small dam that lurks amongst the poplars off the right side of the fairway. This is the reason for leaving yourself a little further back.

If you’re going at the green in two, you’ll need to hit a draw to get you around the corner. It is quite a difficult green to get on in two. It is surrounded by mounds on the right and a deep bunker on the left.

The green slopes back toward you in the first 7m and then flattens for the next 4m. The back half slopes away steadily. There is also a gentle slope off both edges, allowing for a ball to feed slightly back toward the centre.

It’s important to have your ball in the correct section of the green where the flag is located in order to ensure a genuine chance. 

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Hole 16
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