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Hole 3

Par 5 


This dogleg right par 5 will play as a three shot hole for most people. The tee shot requires a ball to be positioned in the centre of the fairway or even just left of centre.


From here it is recommended you leave your second shot in the right half of the fairway. The reason for this is twofold, there is a dam on the left awaiting any wayward shots, and the second reason being the third shot to the green.

The third shot to the green is best attacked from the right section of the fairway. There is a yawning bunker on the left of the green that is very difficult to get down in two from. There is an opening at the front of the green that allows you to run the ball in. There are mounds to the right of the green that can provide a little assistance from time to time.

The green slopes from back to front. Another green that requires a ball to be left under the hole.


The middle to back section of the green has the most slope.

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Hole 3
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