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Hole 9

Par 5


Not a long par 5 by today’s standard, but an accurate tee shot is essential. There is a dam along the left side of the fairway and mounds on the right side which provide tricky lies/stances for your next shot.

The green is the most challenging part of this hole. Whether you’re attacking the green for two, or laying and pitching your third, you need to pay close attention to the pin colour here.

The green is separated into two levels by a tier that runs through the middle. The front section of this green is also like an upside down saucer and is protected by a bunker at the front left. The easiest hole location here is a yellow pin on the bottom level.

A blue pin takes this hole from a good scoring chance to a chance to make a mess of things. Once up on top of the tier, the green runs away slightly to the back edge.

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Hole 9
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