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Hole 7

Par 3

Gold Creek’s signature hole.

This hole is testament to why you don’t need a 200m par 3 to make it great. Measuring 138m to the middle, this is a beauty!

The green is quite long and narrow in both the front and back sections. Its widest point is the middle section. The green is guarded by water on the right and a bunker on the left. The water extends all the way around the back of the green, poised to capture any shots that are hit too well.

The green is also quite undulating. The front section rolls back toward the water at the front right, the back section rolling away toward the back right corner with the water awaiting. The only miss to a red pin is just short of the green (must be accurate though).


The bunker located on the left of the green is dead to a front pin. Many balls leave the bunker to find themselves wet after 2 shots.

Sometimes a shot to the centre of the green is the best option for a blue pin, although your putt will be slick.

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Hole 7
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