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Hole 17

Par 4



This par 4 is tricky in any wind direction.

The tee shot is best placed at 125-150m from the centre of the green. There are huge rocks to the right of the fairway and large mounds to the left. Best to position the tee shot on top of the hill. There is a dam located over the rise off the left side of the fairway, with a slope that feeds toward it.

The second shot has an elevation change of about 10m downhill to a green sitting at you back to front. The left side of the green has a slope that will influence your ball heavily, resulting in missing the green left. It is important to try to leave the ball just shy of the pin so that you have an uphill putt. Missing the green left leaves a tough chip shot. It is easier to get up and down from the front edge or the right side of the green.

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Hole 17
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